Systema received the Certificate of Performance at Systema Group’s international conference

Every year, the Systema Group’s representatives from 50 countries meet for international conferences. This year’s event took place in Barcelona from 2 to 5 September. For 4 days top managers from Systema offices around the world discussed important topics such as: multiplication/expansion of the number of active ISO schemes, training infrastructure issues, inspection activities and operational elements of the certification process. In addition to these discussions that took place to develop strategies and procedures, the 25th anniversary of the founding of the United Registrar of Systems (Systema) was celebrated.

Systema has been adding value to the group for 12 years, which is why the Romanian office was awarded for its quality service and performance at the celebratory event.

This award is dedicated firstly to our customers who have invested in us with confidence and secondly to our colleagues who have adhered to our values and actively contributed to achieving and maintaining this high level of performance.