Their voice is the most eloquent argument in favour of the quality and responsibility with which we approach each project. With their help, you’ll understand why the long-term relationships we build are the foundation of our success, reflected in an impressive NPS score. Every testimonial is proof of our commitment to excellence.

To what extent would you recommend Systema's services to a friend or acquaintance?

Ratings between 9 and 10 – 55 promoters
Ratings between 7 and 8 – 0 passives
Ratings between 0 and 6 – 0 detractors
100% NPS score

Survey conducted on a no. of 345 customers in January 2023

What do customers who have worked with us say?

Words of thanks for their professionalism, responsiveness and adaptability to the multitude of ever-changing requirements. You are inventive in solving complex situations simply. The auditors come in, do their job, approaching it in a constructive manner that does not disrupt the continuity of processes in our company. A big thank you!

Andrei Rotaru,
Centralized Procurement Senior Specialist Vodafone Moldova

We highly recommend Systema for their reliability, professionalism and commitment to quality. During each meeting, Systema Certifications representatives consistently demonstrated a high level of expertise, managing together to identify areas for improvement and establish the most appropriate methods to achieve outstanding results.

Florența Stoian,
Chief Underwriter Allianz-Tiriac Unit Asigurări S.A.

The Systema team is a team of professionals offering a complete service. They offer support, very prompt, provide very helpful information, are very serious and very punctual. It’s a team that works very well together. Thank you for your involvement and support! We confidently recommend a partnership with Systema Certifications!

Hajnal Rozsa,
People Operations Manager Hampton by Hilton

Our collaboration with the Systema team started in 2016, right from the beginning of their work. I can say that during these years of collaboration we have had a truly professional experience from their side; the audit team is an experienced one, which year after year, through the audits carried out, has helped us to strive for continuous improvement of the processes within the company. The Systema team is well structured, starting from the sales team, who contact you in advance to arrange the audit period, to the punctuality and knowledge of the auditors. Personally I have also attended conferences with them on various topics and was each time pleasantly impressed by their professionalism. Our collaboration continues today after almost a decade and will continue to do so. Thank you to all of you in the Systema Team.

Monica Ioana Gruia,
General Manager European Fabrications

Our collaboration was excellent, about which I would like to highlight three key aspects:

a) Proactivity: Systema has always made an effort to provide us with customized solutions tailored to our needs. They were responsive to our requirements and quickly identified potential problems, providing us with effective solutions

b) Quick resolution of misunderstandings: open and transparent communication was a strength of the Systema team. They were always available to respond to our questions and concerns, promptly resolving any misunderstandings or difficulties encountered.

c) Support during the audit: Systema provided us with valuable support based on their extensive experience during the audit as well. The audit team was very professional in both 2022 and 2023. They guided us and helped us to comply with ISO requirements, ensuring that our management system is in line with the highest quality and safety standards.

We confidently recommend Systema’s services! Their team is dedicated to the success of their clients.

Alpár Kacsó,
Quality Manager LYNX SOLUTIONS

Being ISO 9001 certified means accepting that:

a) things must be arranged from the bottom up, with the involvement and approval of management

b) nothing is done without a minimum of team effort

c) the desire to improve comes from everyone, you don’t have to wait for it to be imposed on you (the great shortcoming of central and local government)

In conclusion, being part of a quality certified system is a guarantee of transparency for the citizen or any potential future partner, which often makes all the difference. Thank you Systema for your openness and support! Have a good day!

Oana Mădălina Popescu,
Legal Advisor Tulcea City Hall

We would like to send you a message of appreciation for your professionalism, understanding and support, and the communication you have honoured us with over the years. We thank you for this and are proud to have the opportunity to collaborate throughout these years!

Sincerely , Ing. Kis Maria,

Thank you and we send you our warmest wishes. Your professionalism and dedication to the implementation of the two complex quality systems are the most obvious proof of hard work. We are delighted that you have accepted this challenge and we look forward to continuing this collaboration in the future!

With respect, Lucica Ghimbășan,
Quality Manager Dacia Plant

We appreciate the collaboration with the Systema team of 10, materialized by professionalism, promptness and maximum flexibility. We have a reliable partnership based on experience and reliability, for which we thank you!

Sincerely, Imola Ujfalvi-Veres,
Administrative Director OrtoProfil Prod Romania

We have a very good collaboration: promptness, reliability, a team you can rely on at any time. A team that is open to a constructive and mutually beneficial dialogue. Let’s not forget also your professionalism, which we could benefit from. Keep it up in the future! I wish you every success!

Claudiu Babă-Andone,

We have been working together for a few years now and have had positive results to all our requirements, and where we could not, we have had the best comments. One of the most efficient companies in terms of working with customers. I highly recommend it!

Cristina Rotar,

We would like to send you a message of appreciation for your professionalism, understanding and support, and for the communication you have honoured us with over the years. Thank you for this and we are proud to have the opportunity to work with you!

Sincerely, Ing. Grigore NITU,
Wipro Infrastructure Engineering

We are very satisfied with the quality of the services provided and the professional way they are delivered. We have benefited from technical support during this collaboration. Words are too few, satisfaction is greater. Thank you for your collaboration!

Mădălina Coroian,

It was a real pleasure to collaborate with Systema to obtain ISO certification. The team members were always available to answer our questions and curiosities, guided us quickly through the steps of the process and made sure that all exchanges were well documented. Thank you so much for your dedication, transparency and professionalism!

Andra Somkereki,
Account Manager Bookster

As is the principle of managemnent systems – continuous improvement – so has our collaboration (over 10 years) gone from strength to strength. And about the team I can say: professionalism, reliability and passion for everything they do. I can also say that there hasn’t been a request I’ve made and not found a solution or a question I’ve asked that hasn’t been answered.

Tania Dițu,

The collaboration with Systema was essential in our process of obtaining ISO certification. Their expert and result-oriented team guided us with professionalism and efficiency. Through their personalised approach and commitment, they turned the certification process into a positive experience. I confidently recommend Systema to all who aspire to high standards of quality and excellence.

Mihai Păduraru,

This is an opportunity for us to thank you for the beautiful and open collaboration we have had all these years. This partnership has brought significant benefits to our organization by increasing our credibility with our partners and clients and giving us the opportunity to constantly evaluate and improve our processes. Working with Systema is not only a step towards compliance, but also a strategic investment in the long-term success of our organization. Through this alliance, we are strengthening our position in the market, ensuring we are in step with the highest quality standards and preparing for a sustainable and lasting future.

Mihaela Brem,
Quality Manager CORA TEXTILES

Although we knew from previous collaborations that your company is one that respects its contracts and customers, the professionalism you showed during the last certification fully convinced us of the quality of the services you offer.

In the hope of an equally pleasant future collaboration, we thank you and wish you every success in everything you do!

Cristina Szancsali,

We had the pleasure to work with Systema and our collaboration was very successful. We appreciate their professionalism and reliability. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs quality services.

Jiru Stere,

For us, Systema Certificari means a long-term reliable partner. We appreciate the services provided by Systema because they are always open and flexible and come up with proposals adapted to our needs within the Integrated Management System. We confidently recommend Systema Certifications because of the professionalism, flexibility and trust they show every time!


We are particularly pleased to collaborate with you and we are grateful for the support provided in the process of obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our collaboration was smooth and efficient. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication!

Robert Nagy,
Director Calitate GDP BIO EEL SRL

A professional, pro-active team that delivers on time and quality, maximum support needed! We recommend them with maximum confidence!

Dan Mașca,

I was very satisfied with all your service and cooperation … 10 from 10!! 

Martin Kralowetz,

On behalf of Pfizer Romania, we would like to express our appreciation for the organization, promptness and professionalism that SYSTEMA has shown throughout the process of obtaining the ISO Certificate. We appreciated the communication, the availability for clarifications and we are confident that we will continue the good collaboration in future recertification projects.

Yours sincerely,
Customer Service Team

Maria Balan,
CSO Pfizer Romania