Systema is a trusted name in certification

A team

We are a team of about 90 by the employees. With over 15 years of experience in the field of certifications. Behind thousands of hours of work and delivered projects, we are people you may have already interacted with.

Experience has given us a deeper understanding of our partners’ needs, and this advantage facilitates the certification process and adds value to the management systems we audit.

We work at your pace

Dedicated, experienced, we’ve learned over time that our core strength is properly delivered services that bring you value and become our business card. To do this, we work with specialists in the industries we work in, we always adapt to your requirements and pace, we use modern management and communication tools, and we offer maximum transparency from the first contact.

A standard that reinforces commitment to performance

We build relationships and jointly mark the goals of our partners. We’ve maintained a constant dedication and desire to perform. We have become over time a standard of excellence, which we hope to inspire you too.


  • Innovation
  • Responsability
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Efficient Communication

Our Mission

We recognize performance ambitious companies, we support them development in the best way friendly and we reach 10,000 customers by 2030.

Strategic pillars

  • We are the certification company that customers love to work with
  • We make our company a great place to work
  • We are constantly improving the way we work and our results

Why Systema?

Strongest international reputation

Systema is the guarantee for organizations that operate in global markets and want an accreditation recognized anywhere in the world.

Excellence, custom delivered

We make commitments, follow procedures and processes, follow policies, rules and regulations, always personalized and adapted to your pace and needs.


In this process, we aim to be as least disruptive as possible, to help you tick off all business objectives.


We use modern technologies and software; we have developed our own management software to facilitate the certification process. The result: efficiency and a smoother experience interacting with you.

Effective communication

We believe that regular, constant and open feedback helps to strengthen the relationship between us and you, to cultivate a relaxed professional climate.

15 years

In which we have evolved, gained experience and a deep understanding of the industry.

2182 clients

Satisfied customers who become our long-term partners and our calling card.

3710 certificates

The result of our work, certificates that certify performance and help it excel.

Meet the team of management!

Each team member brings a unique mix of know-how, experience, innovation and commitment. They are the people behind the e-mails and phone calls. Dedicated colleagues you’ve probably known for years.

Claudiu Aiftimiei

General Manager

A graduate in Business Management from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, he has worked in the field of management systems, and at Systema his mission was to obtain international accreditation for the ISO certification schemes in the company's portfolio, a process completed in 2021. Now, the focus is on reaching a volume of 10,000 active certifications, a goal that will consolidate the company as a top 3 player in the Romanian ISO certification market.

Szövérfi Botond

Technical Director

He is an economist by profession and considers himself more of a "technical man". He has 18 years of experience in the field of management systems, believes in the process approach and the practical success of the PDCA theory. He is energetic, knows what it means to be a leader and doesn't subscribe to the "close enough" approach.

Lavinia Biriș

Sales Director

Graduated in Economics, Commerce, Tourism and Services at Petru Maior University Tg. Mureș, she is currently pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration at Tiffin University Romania. She is ambitious and has a huge ability to motivate her team. In addition to the experience and skills gained in over 10 years of sales, she believes in effective communication, emotional intelligence and the ability to understand needs as solutions to building strong relationships.

Crina Suciu

Supervisory Director

She has been with the team for over 10 years, managing the portfolio of existing clients as Supervisory Manager, with a background in management and psychology. She is ambitious, likes the work to be properly done, with focus on the goal. She strongly believes that success and performance are achieved in teams that are dedicated and committed to what they do, but also as a result of individual development.

Andreea David

Accreditation Manager

A management graduate with postgraduate studies in quality systems management, she is a creative person who always tries to see the full side of possibilities and opportunities in the world around her. She values punctuality, which she believes says a lot about respecting others and their time. She is driven by a desire to progress and is always learning and developing.

Cristina Vlas

Quality Manager

She has over 10 years of management experience and over 3 years in ISO certifications. She is always applying the Systema values in the three main areas of activity: procedure development, controlling and auditing. She believes that the positive attitude, the level of involvement and the support of the Systema team have brought her new opportunities for professional development.

Florina Mureșan

Documentation Manager

Proactive and communicative, with management skills and systemic thinking, she managed to accumulate a rich experience in sales and ISO certifications. She has also demonstrated that she knows how to lead successful teams, but that doesn't stop her from wanting to evolve and learn new things.

Oana Sabadi

Human Resources Manager

A graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, she is constantly studying the latest developments in the field, because she wants to keep up to date with the latest trends and practices. An empathetic, sociable nature with a sense of humour, she has passed her first year in the Systema team. In her spare time she enjoys reading, sports and as many outdoor activities as possible.

Elena Malinauscas

Chief accountant

Graduated from the Faculty of Accounting and Management Informatics at "Petru Maior" Târgu Mureș University, continued with the Faculty of Law at the same University. With over 15 years of experience in the financial-accounting field. It is in a continuous process of learning and professional development. A person with an analytical mind, very attentive to details and sociable.

Cuvinte de mulțumire pentru profesionalism, receptivitate și adaptabilitate la multitudinea de cerințe care evoluează continuu. Sunteți inventivi în a rezolva simplu situații complexe. Auditorii vin, își fac treaba, abordând o manieră constructivă, care nu perturbă continuitatea proceselor din compania noastră. Un mare multumesc!

Andrei Rotaru,

Centralized Procurement Senior Specialist Vodafone Moldova

Recomandăm cu căldură Systema pentru seriozitatea, profesionalismul și angajamentul față de calitate. În cadrul fiecărei întâlniri, reprezentanții Systema Certificări au demonstrat constant un nivel înalt de expertiză, reușind împreună să identificăm domeniile care necesitau îmbunătățiri și să stabilim metodele cele mai potrivite pentru obținerea unor rezultate remarcabile.

Florența Stoian,

Manager Subscriere Allianz-Țiriac Unit Asigurări S.A.

Echipa Systema este o echipă de profesioniști care oferă servicii complete. Oferă sprijin, foarte prompți, oferă informații de mare ajutor, sunt foarte serioși și foarte punctuali. Este o echipă cu care se colaboreaza foarte bine. Vă mulțumim pentru implicare și sprijin! Recomandăm cu încredere un partenariat cu Systema Certificări!

Hajnal Rozsa,

People Operations Manager Hampton by Hilton

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