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Romanians like to be in the charts. Some rankings are honourable (thanks, Simona!), others are sadder: salary levels and purchasing power, education, sanitation, health.

A reality that gives some people hope: the prospect of finding a well-paid job somewhere in the EU – for others it gives them the shivers – all the business people in the country complain that they have no one to work with…

In dry figures, Romania loses €10bn a year due to a lack of suitable labour.

I was reading that a crane driver in Romania earns around 6,000 lei a month, net. A good plumber earns as much as an IT-ist with a few years experience. While a recent university graduate often gets a job for less than 1,500 lei.

If this is the case, it’s easy to see why many people are tempted by vocational or retraining courses. We also spoke to a provider of such services, Claudiu Aiftimiei, general manager of Systema.

R.: Claudiu, is what’s happening on the labour market normal?

A.: It’s strange, if we look at what we used to know about how various jobs are paid, but the situation is a vivid picture of supply and demand. When there aren’t enough skilled people in a field willing to work, the price for their labour goes up, and vice versa. It is an act of courage, in my opinion, that people of different ages, with very varied profiles, are taking their lives into their own hands and turning to skills training for a better living.

R.: What are the most sought after courses and why?

C.A.: Obviously, the ones that take you from a salary of 2,000 lei or from unemployed status to 1,000 – 2,000 and even 4,000 euros. We’re talking about construction trades such as crane operator, crane operator, earthmover, forklift operator.

R.: So I understand, are we talking about salaries in Romania or elsewhere?

C.A.: In Romania, a skilled worker in the above trades can realistically earn between 1,000 and 1,500 euros, if, in addition to knowledge, he shows seriousness and character… Around 4,000 euros and more are the salaries abroad, for example in the UK. What matters, of course, is the human quality and experience of each individual.

R.: And luck?

C.A.: Like everywhere. If I could make people luckier, I’d be a millionaire. I’m content to help them make good decisions, I say…

R: What’s the difference between a vocational school and what you do?

C.A.: People who come to us see the vocational courses as an investment and treat it very seriously. It means a lot of money, a lot of time and some planning for the future. It’s a mature and responsible approach on the part of the trainees, and we strive to exceed their expectations. The courses are organised in more and more cities across the country: Bucharest, Galati, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Bistrita, Iasi, Suceava… and, for larger groups, we travel anywhere in the country.

R.: And for those who are not fond of building sites?

C.A.: For them we have courses for security guards, data protection officers, quality auditors, environmental auditors, quality managers. These quality and environmental courses are a natural complement to our ISO certification services. We want to make sure that our partners, our customers, have all the necessary elements to implement the procedures and that they comply with the standards, for the smooth running of their business.

R.: What do certification and qualification have in common?

C.A.: The orientation towards performance is the common part, but not any kind of effort in that direction, but the compliance with some internationally recognized scales, thresholds, standards that have proven their validity over time.

R: If you had to choose one aspect that, once improved, would change a person’s life or a company’s performance for the better, what would it be?

C.A.: Purpose. A man who knows where he wants to go will mobilise all his resources in that direction, find unsuspected paths and, very importantly, not waste time and energy. The same goes for companies, except that we are talking about vision, mission, terms that rarely have a practical counterpart.

Systema SRL has been representing the United Registrar of Systems Ltd. group in Romania for 12 years, with headquarters in the UK and offices in 50 countries, one of the largest certification bodies in the world. The main products and services are: ISO certification, accredited qualification courses, customer satisfaction monitoring systems.

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