How do we choose our training provider?

Choosing a training provider can be a real adventure when all the companies boast about being the best in the business.

So how do we choose the right training provider? What should we base this decision on?

  1. We start by asking people we know

A simple Google search for the keywords “forklift operator course” will generate over 20,000 results. A good idea would be to ask acquaintances, relatives/friends about a company in the field that they would recommend or avoid. This gives us a good chance of filtering the results in Google searches.

  1. Careful who we ask

Lots of people will tell you about “the best trainer” or “the best course” but without being able to provide concrete evidence. We should get the opinion of people who have done the same or similar courses with several training providers and can form an objective opinion on this.

  1. Study the provider’s website

Websites are generally a good resource for selecting providers. But what to look out for?

A poor quality website indicates a low attention to the training provider’s own image. Websites should contain valid contact details, accurate and error-free pages, up-to-date information and information that does not mislead a potential learner. Also self-serving remarks such as “the best course in …” or “the best lecturers on the market” are hard to prove with a simple statement.

  1. We check supplier authorisations and accreditations

An authorised training provider delivers qualification courses based on internationally recognised methodologies, on course material approved by the National Qualification Authority and with the help of a lecturer with proven experience in the field.

The diplomas/authorisations thus obtained are recognised both in Romania and in the European Union.

  1. Who is the trainer?

A good trainer/lecturer must be able to demonstrate experience in 2 important areas:

a) Technical experience

Surely a lecturer with technical experience, who has practised in the field, can teach us much more useful things, than one without practical experience.

b) Teaching experience

An experienced lecturer is more likely to make himself understood and to pass on quality information to the learners during the course.

After the selection process of the training provider and running the course you should get an approved diploma, solid skills and knowledge that you can apply in your new job.

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