Buhuși Hospital obtains ISO 9001 certificate

Deșteptarea.ro reports the impressions of the supervision audit conducted by Systema Romania at the Buhuși City Hospital, following which the ISO 9001 certificate is issued.

Here is what the hospital management says about the audit services provided by Systema Romania:

The hospital in Buhuși recently received a visit from an audit to supervise how the three quality standards already achieved – ISO 9001, 22000, 18001-OH SAS – are respected, maintained and cultivated to generate progress.

For the first time, we participated in the first activities generated by the auditor, represented by U.R.S. Tg. Mures, an internationally renowned auditor based in England.

At the beginning of the evaluation, at a meeting with hospital employees, targets and demands were formulated and expectations reiterated, which have the hallmark of progress. I was impressed by the communication skills and the demanding, pragmatic and constructive attitude of the auditor leader, Eng. Cristian Savin.

“I didn’t come as an enemy who necessarily wants to find trouble. I came to see if progress exists, if we can make progress,” he said. It was all about patient satisfaction. There was no lack of… transparency at the event. The press was naturally accepted.

Dr Mouhannad Toron, the hospital manager, Eng. Constantin Poiană, quality manager, highlighted the hospital’s joys and bruises, including wishes for… funding. Representatives of the local council were keen to point out that “the hospital has become the pride of the town”. We applauded the fact that the auditor was aware that the hospital in Buhushé is visited by representatives of hospitals with “moustache”, to find out how an enviable progress has been made in the work of this institution.

All hospital departments were visited/evaluated. “Live”. Patients, doctors, nurses, all employees went through the assessment’s forks. Including checking job and observation sheets, protocols and procedures etc.

In about two weeks, the auditor will present his findings. After the evaluation, the “final discussion” was one that I perceived to be placed in an optimistic expectation horizon.

“Looking at the ISO 9001 standard of 2008, which had six clauses, we got the OK… verbally to work on the new version: ISO 9001 of 2015, which has ten quality clauses. That’s a good sign. The surveillance audit on the 22000 and 18001/OH SAS standards ended with what I perceived to be an optimistic conviction: we have not deviated from the criteria that led to certification on these standards. We anticipate that the outcome of the assessment will be one that will certify progress.

Recently, without fanfare, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the hospital. We hope that the outcome of this assessment will be in line with the history of this institution,” Eng. Constantin Poiană, quality manager.

“We are optimistic about the outcome of the evaluation,” said hospital manager Dr Mouhannad Toron. It was a demanding audit, which will help us to continue to be friends with progress”.

BUHUȘI: “An audit that will help us to be friends with progress”