Anti-scam system implementation made easy with Systema Insights

Simple, friendly and unobtrusive, a system that with its 5 options to express your opinion freely, anonymously, helps to improve the relationship between patients and doctors – this is the Systema Insights solution.

We are honoured that Alba Iulia Emergency Hospital has embraced our idea of measuring the well-being of their patients by implementing the feedback collection system in the broader context of focusing on high quality healthcare.

An advantage of implementing this system, which replaces the traditional paper questionnaires, is its speed: the equipment collects in real time all the emotions/feedback of those who pass by and choose to give their opinion. Moreover, when there is a negative opinion, the expresspod sends an alert to top management flagging the criticism and the opportunity for improvement.

Knowing that “a clear mental picture is worth a thousand words” (Joseph Murphy) we invite you to watch this story published in the national media to find out what questions the Alba Iulia Emergency Hospital is asking patients using Urs Insights and what their opinion is about this innovative solution.

*video source: Antena 1, Observator, 16.10.2019