Pandemic cleaning challenges and the TRUSTMARK solution

Clearly, contractors have had their “work cut out” during this period: some have had to suspend their work, some have managed to continue with employees working from home, and others have had to find long-term solutions to provide a safe, hygienic, comfortable and compliant workplace/office.

With a good experience in the field of professional cleaning services, EXCEL SERVICES proposes solutions adapted to the pandemic for companies that have outsourced cleaning services: adapted work procedures, regular checks on the level of implementation, permanent training dedicated to staff, etc.

In a mini-interview with Marius Iacob, Sales Director, we find out what the challenges have been for EXCEL SERVICES in recent times and how they have managed to cope with the new requirements, gaining the trust of their customers and ensuring the continuity of their business:

How long have you been in the cleaning business?

We have been in the cleaning services business since 1997. Since 2003, the portfolio of activities has gradually diversified by adding related services offered to our permanent customers: deliveries of additional materials and protocol products, handyman services, deliveries of water by the drum or purifier, deliveries of Coca Cola products, Pest Control services, technical maintenance services, reception services, security services. Some of these services are managed by our own forces and some are provided by subcontractors (e.g. pest control, technical maintenance services, security services).

How has the pandemic (COVID-19 virus) affected the work of the organisation?

Of course, the pandemic has affected us to a certain extent, the difference between our company and many others being that we, by not suspending activity even for a day, have preferred to resize our efforts in relation to the new challenges and to direct them mainly to those companies that have kept their premises open.

What were the reasons for implementing TRUSTMARK certification?

The decision to obtain TRUSTMARK Certification was taken both to verify our own procedures put in place since the onset of the pandemic and to demonstrate to interested customers that our efforts are audited by a firm that specialises in this field and that we can thus guarantee that we are doing absolutely everything possible in the current working climate.

Do you think these were difficult requirements to meet?

The requirements were not extremely difficult to meet, especially in view of the fact that we were always one step ahead of the competition, both through early adherence to new technologies and materials available in the industry and through strict adherence to procedures and rules by our entire staff of about 300 people.

A few words for those who are still thinking about implementing TRUSTMARK certification?

We encourage other companies to start taking seriously the cleaning and disinfection operations needed especially during this critical period, a good measure is to implement a certification managed by an authority in the field, such as the Trustmark certification offered by Systema.

We are pleased that EXCEL SERVICES succeeds in providing quality cleaning services and meeting the requirements for the certification of good practice to protect the health of customers, performance validated by Systema.

To find out more about certification and to get a quote, contact us on 0724 363 324 – Cristian Muresan – or fill in the contact form here.

We believe that through resilience, solidarity, a focus on preventive approaches and a little optimism, we will together overcome the current challenges of both personal safety and economic security. Our call is to support together Romania’s economic environment, the basic prerequisite for tomorrow’s joys.

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