Made-to-measure quality – solution guaranteed by Târnava SA in collaboration with Systema

Style is man himself, said Georges-Louis Leclerc, Baron de Buffon, French naturalist, mathematician, biologist, philosopher and writer, in the 18th century.
In support of the above premise, Systema has a motto: the quality of clothing is a combination of design, workmanship and materials used in the making of the garment.

Style is man himself, as Georges-Louis Louis said in the 18th century Moreover, our premise is reinforced by one of the major players in the textile industry, TÂRNAVA SA, whose critical eye was formed as early as 1949, and since then, until today, more precisely for 72 years, TÂRNAVA SA enjoys uninterrupted activity, based exclusively on the quality of the garments made in the factory in Sighisoara.

In addition, the success of TÂRNAVA SA is due to the contribution of qualified staff and technical equipment made to high standards, such as Japanese sewing machines “Juki”, ironing machines “Veit”, ironing presses “Kannegiesser”, electronically controlled embroidery machines “ZSK” and many others, which are used to make shirts, blouses, skirts, jackets, overalls, pajamas and dresses.

Also, the technological processes implemented by the partner TÂRNAVA SA, which meet the most demanding standards practiced by commercial organizations with a similar profile in the country or abroad, favor the access of the partner TÂRNAVA SA to the foreign market, proof of which is the collaboration with renowned organizations in countries such as Germany, Italy, France or Denmark.

At Systema we support every organisation that wins the market through quality and performance. We value such a partnership, which continues to operate flawlessly and rigorously adheres to the quality required by the textile industry, while at the same time focusing on effective environmental management in accordance with the standards: ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management.

To find out more about certification and to get a quote, contact us on 0724 363 324 – Cristian Muresan – or fill in the contact form here.

We believe that through resilience, solidarity, a focus on preventive approaches and a little optimism, we will together overcome the current challenges of both personal safety and economic security. Our call is to support together Romania’s economic environment, the basic premise for tomorrow’s joys.

More details about our partner TÂRNAVA SA, here.