The pandemic we have been through has brought us a health crisis, an economic crisis, but also a crisis of trust, which we have partly left with. The TRUST MARK: Certificate of Good Practice in Protecting Customer Health is exactly the tool to help HoReCa companies regain the trust of customers and employees.

At Systema, we work with leading epidemiology and public health experts to provide HoReCa companies with a customised Best Practice Guide designed to protect customer health. The TRUST MARK is also an opportunity to certify compliance with the measures set out in that guide.

TRUST MARK step by step

Respond to your request in 5 minutes

We send you a quotation within 2 hours

We sign the contract

We send you the Best Practice Guidelines to protect customer health and implementation assistance

We schedule the audit date together

We issue you the TRUST MARK Certificate of Good Practice in Safeguarding Customer Health

Quarterly surveillance audits

We update the Guide with the best recommendations and keep in touch

Certification costs

The price of such a certification is determined by the structure and size of the business. Let us hear from you for details and we will send you a customised quote within 2 hours.

Frequently asked questions

How long is the certification of good practice in order to protect the health of customers valid?

Certification is valid for 1 year, subject to successful completion of quarterly surveillance audits.

What does the audit involve?

Auditing is a systematic, independent and documented activity to assess the extent to which certain requirements are met.


The audit should be seen as an optimisation tool and in addition to the objectives of any audit, the audit team will also consider identifying potential areas for improvement and will document these in the form of recommendations in the audit report, together with other findings (non-conformities or weaknesses identified).


The certification audit is carried out in 2 stages:


Reviewing the documentation and obtaining the necessary information related to the scope of the management system.


Assessment of the functioning of the Management System on site.

Verification of the implementation and functioning of the Management System in accordance with the Good Practice Guidance to protect the client’s health, followed by closure of non-conformities.


We think of the audit process as a comfortable, positive, value-adding experience. It is a collaborative, cooperative process that allows you to assess your own effectiveness in controlling the company in the way you want.

Is certification mandatory?

Certification according to ISO management systems or Best Practice Guidelines for Customer Health Assurance is a voluntary process.


It is useful for the company’s management, who can be sure that best practices are in place to protect the health of customers and employees.

Who validates this certification?

The certification of good practice to protect customer health is validated by the expertise of Systema and the partners involved in the process of developing the Good Practice Guidance and conformity assessment – epidemiologists, public health specialists, etc.

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