Healthcare safety, a vital component offered by Medical Device Store partner

The uncertain days we live in lead us to think, more than ever, “what will tomorrow bring”?

We are becoming more and more aware of the importance of a strong and healthy body, and for a good monitoring of it Medical Device Store supports and develops the medical system by distributing “advanced equipment for medical needs”. Thanks to its extensive experience the company covers a complex portfolio of specialties: cardiology, emergency medicine, general surgery, gynecological oncology, etc.

To better understand the technology and medical services offered by Medical Device Store and how certification services contribute to the success of their business, we invited Ms. Crina Pavel, Marketing Manager, to the dialogue.

Why did you choose ISO certification?

“Our goal is, and has always been, to support the medical system in Romania with high-performance products that meet a high level of quality that help doctors monitor patients more easily and accurately. To reinforce our promise, we needed a well-developed, efficient internal workflow to help ensure that these criteria were met. At the same time, as authorised Philips distributors we need to ensure that we keep all standards high. ISO certification is a guarantee for us and our customers that our promises are based on a professional, experienced team and well-regulated processes.”

What problems do you think the implementation and compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards solve in your company?

“They have helped us to organise some of our processes better so that we can achieve the desired quality and adapt to current standards and regulations.”

Have there been/are there any changes in the work process caused by the pandemic?

“There were, of course, changes caused by the pandemic, especially on the workflow and process side, but we had to adapt quickly to the new situation. We moved the discussions, the presentations, online as much as we could, because our work, by its nature, involves travelling to the field in demo presentations with the installation of medical equipment, discussions with doctors on various specialties, then determining the optimal equipment for them. At the same time, the pandemic has also helped us to reinforce our initial commitment and help doctors to have equipment to help fight the Sars-Cov-2 virus, such as ventilators, vital function monitors, ultrasound scanners, etc. We are continuing what we started until we succeed in fighting this virus.”

How do you appreciate your collaboration with Systema so far?

“Working with Systema was exactly what we wanted: very effective communication, we always received prompt answers and help where and when we needed it, professionalism.”

We are glad that future projects are developed with high quality medical equipment and focus on patient safety and health, complying with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016; likewise we are proud to be part of those partners who contribute to the safe performance of the medical act.

To find out more about certification and to get a quote, contact us on 0724 363 324 – Cristian Muresan – or fill in the contact form here.

We believe that through resilience, solidarity, a focus on preventive approaches and a little optimism, we will together overcome the current challenges of both personal safety and economic security. Our call is to support together Romania’s economic environment, the basic prerequisite for tomorrow’s joys.

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