Do you know the secrets of sustainable business success?

According to the latest Corporate Longevity Forecast issued by INNOSIGHT, the average lifespan of a company in the Standard & Poor`s 500 Index was 24 years in 2016, and by 2027, the average lifespan of a company will reach just 12 years. The main reasons cited for these decreases in lifespans are new technologies, economic shocks, disruptive competitors and failure to adequately anticipate future business challenges.

A newly published ISO standard aims to help: ISO 9004 – Quality management – Quality in an organisation – A guide to achieving sustainable success. With the help of this ISO standard, organisations preparing for such challenges can gain access to the secrets and strategies of the world’s most sustainable organisations.

This standard is the revised version of ISO 9004:2009 and builds on previous guidance to help any kind of organization, of any size, improve its performance, adapt effectively to market changes and achieve sustainable success.

ISO 9004 helps organizations move to the next level beyond ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) by addressing topics such as aligning and implementing strategy, policies and objectives within the broader context of an organization’s vision, mission, values and culture.

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