ALMIRA TRADE SRL – On the road to excellence in food safety

In 2000, ALMIRA TRADE SRL started its journey with a clear vision – to develop the market of popular food brands and to provide an accessible sales system for small brands, giving them the chance to grow and make their presence known. Over time, he has demonstrated not only perseverance, but also an exceptional ability to adapt to changes in the industry. Today, the company boasts an impressive turnover of more than €40 million. This success is due not only to a commitment to quality, but also to constant innovation and a progressive approach to market development. ALMIRA TRADE SRL is not only a force in the food industry in Western Romania, but also a generator of jobs and a driver of the local economy. Currently, the company employs over 130 dedicated people, contributing to economic growth and human resources development. With an impressive range of over 7,000 products, it has established itself on the market through the diversity and quality of its offer. This vast range is accessed by over 3,000 customers every month, confirming the positive impact the company has among its consumers and partners.

In the context of ISO 22000:2018 certification, ALMIRA TRADE SRL once again demonstrates its commitment to quality and food safety. This step underlines its responsibility towards consumers and partners and assures them of the quality and safety of the food it offers. It is a clear proof of its commitment to transparency and accountability. Working with ALMIRA TRADE SRL is not only a wise business choice, but also an investment in a long-term partnership based on solid values and commitment to excellence.

For more details on certification and for a quote, contact us on 0728.288.035 – Lavinia Biriș – or write us a message using the contact form!