Alexis Medical Centre – 6 years with Systema Romania

ISO 9001 certified since 2011, Alexis Medical Center marks 6 years of partnership with Systema Romania.

Established in 2004, the multidisciplinary Alexis Medical Centre has an experienced management team cultivated over 22 years of activity on the medical services market.

“We value the health of each patient, as its importance for himself, family and society is priceless.

For 13 years, at Alexis Medical Center we have dedicated our knowledge and resources to each of our 15,000 individuals and employees of over 2,000 businesses. But it’s not just these numbers that define us, it’s the attention we give to each person we speak with.

We are all different, unique in our own way – that’s why at Alexis Medical Centre everyone enjoys special treatment. Our credo is care, respect and professionalism.

And when it comes to occupational medicine services, all our clients agree with what we offer and apply: It’s great to have one care less!”