The ingredient that makes the difference: food safety, offered by Râureni in partnership with Systema

Food safety, followed from production, harvesting, processing, storage, distribution to preparation and consumption, is essential for the food industry and the health of the population.

On the occasion of World Food Safety Day (7 June), the World Health Organization (WHO) continues its efforts to put food safety on the public agenda and launches the following calls to action: “Make it safe!”, “Grow it safe!” and “Keep it safe!”

For over 50 years the above criteria have been a true motto for the Râureni partner.

Careful connoisseur of local dishes, prepared with fruits and vegetables grown on their own farms, Râureni’s partner assures us of the authenticity of 100% Romanian-inspired recipes, and in collaboration with Systema offers superlative quality and safety inside each jar of jams, compotes or pickles.

We like collaborations that have the taste of prosperity, so over the years Râureni becomes an increasingly modern and efficient organization, which is now part of the group of companies Annabella SRL. As a result of continuous investments in re-engineering, modernization and research, the factory has fully equipped production lines with an annual capacity of more than 35,000 tons in the manufacture of goodies and a vast portfolio of more than 150 product ranges.

We, Systema fully support the development of domestic products and support large-scale projects that conscientiously respect the safety and quality of consumer goods in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000:2018 standards.

To find out more details about certification and to get a quote, contact us on 0724.363.324 – Cristian Muresan – or fill in the contact form at here.

We believe that through resilience, solidarity, a focus on preventive approaches and a little optimism, we will together overcome the current challenges of both personal safety and economic security. Our call is to support together Romania’s economic environment, the basic prerequisite for tomorrow’s joys.

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