ISO 28000 – a safer supply chain

The complexity of the freight supply chain has historically attracted unauthorised intentional acts such as theft, smuggling, piracy and terrorism. However, small and large organisations have been able to combat these actions on supply chain security by improving their management system under the influence of the 28000 standard.

The ISO 28000 standard introduces a formal approach to supply chain security management that helps protect people, goods, infrastructure, equipment and potential risk situations.

ISO 28000:2007 was developed by ISO/TC 8, Ships and marine technology, in collaboration with other relevant technical committees responsible for specific supply chain nodes. This first edition of ISO 28000 supersedes and replaces ISO/PAS 28000:2005, which has been technically revised.

What are the benefits of ISO 28000 certification?

  • Increasing logistics performance
  • Facilitate internal or external trade
  • Monitoring and managing security risks throughout the supply chain
  • Saving costs by reducing security incidents
  • Improving the public image of the company, towards third parties (authorities, public, customers), in terms of credibility and notoriety
  • Compliance with the legal requirements in force
  • Resilience of the organisation in relation to changes in the company’s external environment
  • Systematised management practices
  • Common jargon by aligning terminology and concepts used with international practice
  • Assessment of performance against internationally recognised criteria