Business FORTRESS Conference – an event dedicated to performance management

Systema Romania would like to thank the 100 participants at the 4th edition of the Business FORTRESS Conference for their interest and active participation in the event.

We consider the fedback of the participants as the main measure of the success of the event. To the question – Do you consider that participating in this event was useful? All attendees found the participation beneficial and the information delivered useful, practical.

We continue to invest in these types of events because we strongly believe in the need to constantly adapt business strategy to the modern context. Through the Business FORTRESS Conferences we aim to generate a professional and appropriate framework for a genuine exchange of information and experience between professionals. Therefore, we dedicate these events to high performance management and people oriented towards continuous improvement.

Already a traditional event, we have started early preparations for the next edition of the FORTRESS Conferences to be held in spring 2017 in the western part of Romania.